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Sessions Time Table

Morning Sessions

09:00     Arrival, handwashing and Self Registration

Parents/carers will wash child's hands at entrance, say goodbye and manager welcomes children into building. Practitioners will support children to find coat peg and help them self register


09:15     Circle time

The children get together to discuss the theme and theme related activities that are on offer to them, sign of the week, letter, number and weather. Before the children go off to play the good morning song is sang.


09:25     Free Play in the garden

Children can choose activities with staff close by to engage the children in play and learning. Children wash hands as we re enter the building .


 10:00     Snack Table Opens

 Children can help themselves to a snack when they are ready. Children are encouraged to develop manners and understand the importance of healthy eating. They will use utensils such as tongs, spoons, knives. We make our snack both enjoyable and a sociable time. During snack children have free play in the playroom. They will wash hands before play.


 11:00     Free play garden or play room

 Children can choose activities, with staff close by to engage the children in play and learning.


 11:20     Tidy up Time

 Children are encouraged to help tidy up the playroom and garden


 11:30     Adult led activity for both butterflies and caterpillars

 Children enjoy and activity which is organised and led by the practitioners


 11:50     Circle Time

 The children gather on the carpet to round off the day by listening to a book before singing our goodbye song.


 12:00     Home Time

 Parents/carers arrive to collect their children. The children sit on the carpet until their name is called by a member of the team.



12:00     Lunch club/Handwashing


Parents/carers wash hands at entrance, manager welcomes children in, practitioner will support children with coats etc and help your child to self register. Children join friends at lunch club tables.


12:10 Lunch Club/Handwashing

Children sit with their peers and practitioners to eat their packed lunch


12:45 Free play in play room

 The children can choose an activity inside, with staff close by to engage the children in play and learning


13:05pm Circle Time


The children are encouraged to join circle time on the mat. At this time our theme is discussed, sign of the week.


13:15pm  Free Play in the garden


The children can choose an activity outside, with staff close by to engage the children in play and learning. Hand wash/gel before entering the building


14:15pm Adult Led Activity - Butterflies and Caterpillars


Children enjoy an activity which is organised  and led by the practitioners


14:30pm  Milk Time


Children clean hands and have milk or water


14:40pm Story on mat


Children sit on circle time mat for story and songs


14:55pm  Coats and goodbye song


Children sing goodbye song


3:00      Home Time


Children wait on mat for their parent/carer to arrive.