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We offer snack on a rolling basis throughout the morning sessions at Hardings - children can choose when they want to come over and join in.

Our snack menu changes daily and we have a 2 week rolling menu:

Week 1:                                                                    Week 2:

Mon - Wholemeal rolls & cucumber            Croissant & grapes

Tues - Cheese & Tomatoes                            Tuc biscuit & cheese spread

Weds - Carrot, cucumber & dip                    Cheese & apple

Thurs - Fromage frais & orange                    Fromage frais & bananas

Fri - Rice cakes and applw                             Wholemeal toast & butter


Children are encouraged to spread their own butter/cheese spread etc and cut up their fruit & vegetables (with support)




We do cooking as a whole group once a week and then eat what we have made together for snack. The recipe is usually linked to our themes eg sandwiches for a picnic during "Holidays" week, rice crispy cakes during "Easter" week etc

Other receipes include cheese straws, muffin pizzas, fruit salad, baking bread, biscuits and lots more!


If your child has any dietary/religious requirements in relation to food please speak to a member of the team.

Our allergens information sheet can be found here



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