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We welcome and value all feedback and comments from families at Hardings. We also use family and child questionnaires throughout the year to see how people feel about what we do. Some of the comments from the end of Summer term 2016 are below:

"My son has enjoyed his year at Hardings. The staff are very helpful and welcoming and I can see how much he has learnt already"


"Amazing pre-school. We decided to keep our daughter there for her nursery year as we loved it so much...two years on and she's learnt so many amazing things and had so much fun. Our son also joined in January and he's come on leaps and bounds ever since. The care, attention and passion shines through from Jane as manager to all the staff. Massive shout out to Claire for having such an impact on our daughter as her keyworker. And a big shout out to Delia for being so supportive and patient as our son's keyworker. He wasn't walking when he joined due to hypermobility...he was still bum shuffling. His unique needs were met and it was never a problem or caused him any barriers to joining in with others. Don't consider any other preschool. Ask for a tour and get on the waiting list. You won't regret it. Best start to my children's education...I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you hardings. We'll miss you"


"Hardings is an exceptional preschool, and they have given my daughter a fantastic start on her education journey! We will really miss hardings and would like to thank everyone for all there care and hard work over the year"


"I would just like to thank everyone at hardings pre school especially my daugher's key worker claire for the amazing work they have done! My daughter has come on leaps and bounds since starting and she can't wait to start big nursery to have new adventures and make new friends. Thank you all soo much"


"Absolutely brilliant preschool. Lovely staff. So pleased with my son's progress throughout Harding's :) Cant wait for my youngest to start in September :)!"


"Our son has had the best start possible to his education by coming to Hardings. His speech and social skills have improved and developed so much and he has also learnt so much more than we expected in terms of maths and letters. All of the staff are wonderful and we are so happy with everything that our son has done here - thankyou all so much"


"Very happy with everything - all staff are warm, committed and care about the children"


"Our daughter has absolutely thrived at Hardings, we couldn't be happier with what she has learnt and how she has developed" "Our son has achieved so much at Hardings with his vocabulary and counting and he has finally learnt to share! We are very pleased with Hardings, so much so that he is staying on for his Nursery year here!"


"We have nothing but positive things to say about Hardings"


"Really pleased with all of her progress at Hardings. She always talks about coming to Pre-School, about her friends and the staff. She has had a really lovely time and I think she'll be sad to leave"


"Our daughter has grown in confidence greatly since she has been attending Pre-School. I'm so proud of the lovely little girl she has grown into in her time here. Thanks to all the staff that have helped her achieve this"


"I'm really happy to see my son's progress throughout Pre-School"


"Quite satisfied. On occasions where I had concerns or issues these were quickly resolved"